A Floating Shelf With Drawer, It’s What You’re Missing in Life

Black Floating Shelf With Drawer

Floating Shelf With Drawer – With the explosion of population in cities, it has become extremely difficult to own a house. That is why most people live in apartments and small homes. What typically comes with this situation, is that there is a genuine problem of being short on space. Because of this, the majority of the urban population, and even those in developing countries, find themselves in apartments and homes that seem to not have enough space for their belongings. This ends up in clutter, which only ends up being annoying and an eye sore. It is essential to many that they are aware of one of the most conventional solutions that will easily solve this problem.

Fortunately, designers from all around the world have come up with unique and clever ways to overcome the issue of not having enough space. One clever way of creating space is to install floating shelves in your apartment. If you are a homemaker, you may put weight in both functionality and aesthetics of your home. In fact, these are things you would not want to compromise on when it all comes down to it. A floating shelf with drawer is a unique addition to any home since they have both functional as well as aesthetic value.

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The purpose of this article is to talk about floating shelves and how they are a great way to add space and style to your home. We will also talk about some of the aspects that need to be kept in mind before you decide on the shelf you want.

Why Floating Shelves?

The reason behind the term “floating shelves” is because you don’t actually see any fixtures that are supporting them. Usually, they are directly mounted by using timber. The reason why they are so popular is because they don’t need to fit in with any specific decor of home. In fact, they go in nicely with any kind of home decor and furniture. Think about it like this, if you want to install one of these, you don’t need to worry about if it will fit in with the the rest of your home. Floating shelves are very versatile and can suit any theme with ease. Another significant aspect about floating shelves is that there are plenty of unique designs to choose from.

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A very popular and innovative type of shelf, which we will go over more in depth later, is the floating shelf with drawer. The nice thing about these shelves is that you can store things out of sight and decorate the home at the same time. It’s stylish, rare, and one of the best space solutions out there. Get everything you get out of a shelf with additional storage space for that unsightly clutter. This would definitely be something you want in your tiny, New York apartment!

If you’re like most people, you probably have at least a few small decorative items lying around here and there that seem of no use. It’s not easy to throw out these things, especially if you feel that they might aide in decorating your house…one day. A lot of times these small items are gifts from your relatives or loved ones and you don’t want to throw these away. It could even be something you thought you would look amazing in your home, but you just haven’t found the right spot for it. Either way, these things are just lying around, and you need a good place to display them. Regardless if space is a problem or not, you need a spot to place these interesting nick knacks, and a floating shelf is just what you need.

The Way Floating Shelves Work

A big reason why people prefer floating shelves over traditional ones is because they don’t throw off the wall design. This is because no matter how you position a standard shelf on the wall, the sight of brackets get in the way. This is a real turn off and is just downright unflattering for anyone to see. The thing about these floating shelves is the brackets that support it from directly underneath the shelf. Thicker shelves can slide onto these brackets, which are usually a very secure fit. Each floating shelf design has it’s own unique way of being supported.

While it may sound weird, it would be wrong to assess the strength of a floating shelf with drawer by its looks. This is mainly because many people who have no prior experience of having one of these at home would assume that they are quite fragile. In reality, this is not true and they are quite sturdy and durable. The workings of the brackets are there, but the only difference is that it is all underneath and it is not visible. In fact, when it comes to strength, these floating shelves have more due to the way they are designed.

I guess we could admit that the manufacturers of the floating shelves have fully understood the problem, and have come up with a clever product that has quite a bit of extra strength. Keeping this in view, don’t limit your decorative items to only small trinkets just to keep the weight off. If you really wanted, you could put some heavy items on the floating shelves all because they are designed to bear heavy weight.

The Ultimate Space Solution: Floating Shelf With Drawer

While a floating shelf with a drawer is already creative, you’d be surprised to know how many different styles you can find. They are different, not only in terms of designs, but also in different materials. In this regard, if you are looking for a traditional and classical look, you should go for wooden floating shelves with drawer, which are available in many different stains and textures.

Wood is generally a very rich, natural look and fit in nicely regardless of the existing decor of the home. It especially works nicely if your existing furniture has a more traditional look. The sleek beauty of a floating shelf would complement the aesthetics of your furniture, while providing a clever way to store decorative items on the shelf, while other items are stored in the drawer. This modern “floating” drawer on the wall can almost be quirky depending on your placement.

If you aren’t a big fan of wood, then a good idea would be to look into the floating shelves made of resin material. If you find that you’re concerned about the durability of resin material, you can sigh a relief. While there is cheaply made resin material in the market, there is also a lot of high quality resin material available. In fact, floating shelves made of resin material are quite common from manufacturers due to it’s durability. Most importantly, if your place has a modern and contemporary feel to it then this floating shelf with drawer would be a great fit. There are a plethora of designs available since resin material is so versatile.

Think About Design…

Continuing with the discussion of different choices in terms of floating shelves with drawer, there are two main categories you can choose from. You could either go for the super sleek structural designs, which are generally simple, or you could go for designs that are a bit more intricate. Keeping this in mind, the prices are going to vary – but on average a floating shelf with drawer should not cost you a fortune at all. It is also worth mentioning here that a more complex floating shelf with drawer design would fit in a bit nicer if your home has less decor. This is not to say you should rule it out if your home is decorated, it’s just that there is such a thing as too much decor!

Something you might find interesting is that there are many floating shelf with drawer designs that are actually very hidden. This means the drawer will generally be thin and without a handle, allowing you to store valuable items like your wallet and keys. Because these stealthy shelves are generally much thinner, it could be ideal for you to own several of these throughout your home for convenience.

The Final Say on Floating Shelves

To conclude our discussion on floating shelves (and the awesome ones with drawers), people who live in small apartments or homes often struggle with dealing clutter would find a lot of use from them. It’s quite normal for people to get attached to small things that we end up not wanting to throw away. This is where a floating shelf with drawer would be the perfect way to help keep those items safe, and not lost. Sometimes you just don’t have the right spot to display that nice art piece you won in an auction, this is where a floating shelf is a hero.

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